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New generation and technology of Automatic L-Bar Sealer
This vertical L-Bar sealer achieve a breakthrough and new perception from traditional L-Bar sealer. The design with four pillars driven sealing frame guaranteed the same pressure in all areas of the film sealing. A small sealing bar allows a tight packaging and reduce the film consumption. This new system – no scissors – provides a high quality of packs.
Vertical L-Bar Sealer

LB 801 – Up to 40 packs/minute


  • Feeding systems
  • Print mark register
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Modem for telediagnostic
Vertical L-Bar Sealer

LB 802 SU


  • Complied wrapping of products up to 300mm height (802)
  • Center seal - Sealing line adjust on product center, achieve the best quality
  • Motorized height adjustment of the sealing frame
  • Professional sealing for different kind of films (PO, PE & PVC) up to 50μm
  • High packaging capacity, up to 40 packs/Min
  • Film perforation system
  • Permanent constant heated sealing systems
  • Product data memory for variety products and recurrent jobs
  • Packaging of single- or multipacks
  • Assembled on heavy steel frame - long lasting construction
  • Omron PLC, Touch Screen and SEW motors
Vertical Full-Auto L-Bar Sealer LB-801 + LB-201
Vertical L-Bar Sealer LB-801 and TSA
Vertical L-Bar Sealer LB802 packing single brochures
Vertical L-Bar Sealer LB802 packing tall double stack of books
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Performance is depending on product sizes, film, feeding, and operating personnel • Technical and design modification reserved