Steinhuder Meer
For packaging singlepacks or multipacks for a wide range of products. Due to its strong and solid construction it can handle goods up to 60kg. Infeed system for different purposes are availiable for completing the whole production line.
Sleeve Wrapping Machines

LB 119 – Up to 15 packs/minute

Sleeve Wrapping Machines

LB 5525 SA – Up to 20 packs/minute

Sleeve Wrapping Machines

LB 5525 ACA – Up to 15 packs/minute

Sleeve Wrapper 5525ACA with right angle pusher device


  • Touch control panel
  • Easy to adjust and operate
  • Can pack singlewise or multipacks
  • Sealing knife is design to make a strong sealing seam
  • Permanent heated sealing systems
  • Polyethylene film up to 100μm
  • Straight-infeed system and angle-feed system is available
  • Run-through without packaging function is possible
  • Assembled on heavy steel frame - long lasting construction
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Performance is depending on product sizes, film, feeding, and operating personnel • Technical and design modification reserved